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by Peter Schreiner


It seems to be an intermediate world of peace and quiet, the garden and country house where four people look back on testing lives. And forward, to the time they have left. On the one hand, there is regret – on the other, satisfaction. In a way, they are looking forward to the future – but at the same time, a longing for death regularly arises. And who is actually behind the camera? Are we watching actors or real people? Is there really any difference? Garden is full of contradictions – it is not until the credits roll that we realise who these people from very different backgrounds are.

international title: Garden
original title: Garten
country: Austria
year: 2019
genre: experimental
directed by: Peter Schreiner
film run: 136'
screenplay: Peter Schreiner
cast: Giuliana Pachner, Awad Elkish, Hermann Krejcar, Sandu Petre Boitan, Omar Taha
cinematography by: Peter Schreiner
film editing: Peter Schreiner
art director: Peter Schreiner
producer: Peter Schreiner
production: echtzeitfilm - Peter Schreiner Filmproduktion
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