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by Stéphanie Gillard


The Olympique Lyonnais women’s soccer team has over the years become one of the best soccer teams in the world. From training sessions to competitive matches, from doubts to victories, this documentary takes an up-close look at these exceptional players and their daily lives. An invitation to see women’s sports and the place they hold in professional sports under a new light: a universe where the values of respect and open-mindedness are indispensable mainstays in working towards equality.

international title: The Squad #notheretodance
original title: Les Joueuses #paslàpourdanser
country: France
sales agent: Be for Films
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Stéphanie Gillard
film run: 87'
release date: FR 9/09/2020
screenplay: Stéphanie Gillard
cinematography by: Jean-Marc Bouzou, Stéphanie Gillard
film editing: Laure Saint-Marc
producer: Julie Gayet, Antoun Sehnaoui, Julien Naveau
executive producer: Julie Gayet, Antoun Sehnaoui, Julien Naveau
production: Rouge International, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
distributor: Rouge Distribution
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