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by Gabriel Babsi


The refugee crisis through the eyes of a smuggler. Modern Odyssey lined with railway embankments, sleepers, darkness, the atmosphere of danger, and disappearing hope. A journey across the continents for peace, freedom and seeming prosperity brought Hervé to Europe. He buried his original motherland, Ivory Coast, under the traumatic memories of war. His new home is a shabby Greek apartment where he can live his illegal life with his newborn and Greek girlfriend. A five-year-long look into the life and conscience of a man whose existence is unexpectedly moving in a direction where the line between the moral and the amoral is as blurred as the footage of raids shot by the terrified director.

international title: Motherlands
original title: Motherlands
country: Hungary, Romania
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Gabriel Babsi
film run: 72'
cinematography by: Gabriel Babsi
film editing: Emmanuelle Baude
producer: András Pires Muhi, Agnes Horvath-Szabo, Anamaria Antoci
production: ELF Pictures, Domestic Film
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