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by Judith Zdesar


What’s it like to live with vision loss, knowing that someday soon you’ll never be able to see the faces of those you love again? This film is a survey of the lives of people living with visual impairments who have either already gone completely blind or are slowly losing sight of the world around them, but still do not give up in their pursuit of happiness and a life of positivity. The film’s protagonists share their feelings, fears, and frustrations, but also their most memorable visual sights, their dreams, and their hope of perhaps one day being able to go on living an almost completely normal life. The film’s lyrical storytelling style, melancholically stylised frames, and fragments of personal archives contrast with the harsh realities of the lives of people living with visual impairments.

international title: THE LAST IMAGE
original title: DAS LETZTE BILD
country: Austria
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Judith Zdesar
film run: 70'
cinematography by: Klemens Koscher
music: Michael Strohmann
producer: Judith Zdesar
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