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by Jonas Selberg Augustsén


"Life isn't meant to be lived, it's meant to be endured." This statement by one of the characters in this ensemble film provides a good indication of the frame of mind of a small Swedish community near the Arctic Circle as it prepares for midsummer night. Everyone has their own cross to bear, some a little heavier than others. A truck driver, who turns 65 that day, doesn't seem to know what to do with his life now that he is retired. A woman has to justify her responsibility for a failed project that has cost society millions. A shop manager with high blood pressure has to solve all manner of problems, while all he really wants is to be left alone. This melancholy, dryly comedic Finnish-language film is the fourth of a five-part series on minority languages in Sweden.

international title: The Longest Day
original title: Den längsta dagen
country: Sweden, Finland
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Jonas Selberg Augustsén
film run: 120'
release date: SE 27/11/2020
screenplay: Jonas Selberg Augustsén
cast: Maria Heiskanen, Ville Virtanen, Kari Hietalahti, Henna Tanskanen, Bianca Kronlöf, Sara Melleri, Marja Packalén, Timo Nieminen
cinematography by: Heikki Färm
film editing: Nils Moström, Mervi Junkkonen
art director: Marika Åkerblom
producer: Andreas Emanuelsson
production: Bob Film Sweden AB, Empire Pictures
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