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by Trond Kvig Andreassen


In 2014 musician Magnus Eliassen moved to a remote island in Lofoten, in the north of Norway. After several succesful years with his band Sirkus Eliassen he needed to re-connect with himself. Run away from expectations and reality. After weeks on his own in Lofoten he travels to Los Angeles to record his new album with producer Nasty Kutt. Modest songs written on his acoustic guitar are starting to sound like hits. Filmmaker Trond Kvig Andreassen followed Magnus on this journey. Up close and personal we get to take part in his determined creative process. But after Los Angeles everything went quiet. The new music never surfaced. What actually happened on this musical journey, and why did Magnus decide to disappear yet again? Now, five years after those weeks in Lofoten the music is coming out as Magnus prepares to do his first concert in many years.

international title: Everything That Could Have Been
original title: Alt som kunne ha vært
country: Norway
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Trond Kvig Andreassen
film run: 60'
screenplay: Tom Marius Kittilsen, Knut Inge Solbu
cinematography by: Eirik Evjen, Audun Fjeldheim
film editing: Ida Vennerød Kolstø, Trond Kvig Andreassen
music: Magnus Eliassen, William Wiik Larsen
producer: Tom Marius Kittilsen, Knut Inge Solbu
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