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by Alice De Luca, Giacomo Raffaelli


Ernesto (Federico Russo) is a teenager who wanders, in search of himself, through the streets of Rome. Chapter after chapter, time passes and people just disappear but he continues to live impromptu relationships, causing pain to himself and to others. Taking refuge in his happy moments and in political ideologies, he believes he can save his soul from suffering although life will force him to grow and move forward.

international title: Ernesto
original title: Ernesto
country: Italy
sales agent: Aspect Ratio (US)
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Alice De Luca, Giacomo Raffaelli
film run: 83'
screenplay: Alice De Luca, Giacomo Raffaelli
cast: Federico Russo, Silvia Micunco, Leonardo Venturi, Ilaria Bevere, Nicoletta Cifariello, Luca Ingravalle, Blu Yoshimi, Leonardo Panetta, Virginia Sarra
cinematography by: Alice De Luca, Giacomo Raffaelli
film editing: Giacomo Raffaelli, Alice De Luca
music: Corrado Giancoli
producer: Alice De Luca, Giacomo Raffaelli
production: Freeres
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