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by Isaki Lacuesta


Teenager Israel Gomez Romero is growing up (fast) on Camaron's home island. Raised in a boisterous gypsy family, the lively, precocious Isra refuses to sing as he's still mourning his late, much-missed father. He occasionally chats with middle-aged Japanese tuna-merchant Joji. Meanwhile, Makiko Matsumura is a twentysomething Japanese woman who, fascinated by Camaron's music, impulsively moves to his birthplace so she might also learn 'Cante' singing. She absorbs the local atmosphere and even meets her idol's brother - but ultimately realises she's set herself too tough a task.

international title: The Legend of Time
original title: La leyenda del tiempo
country: Spain
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Isaki Lacuesta
release date: ES 02/06/2009
screenplay: Isaki Lacuesta
cast: Israel Gómez Romero, Makiko Matsumura, Francisco José Gómez, Soichi Yukimune, Saray Pinto, Jesús Monje "Pijote", Jesús Manuel Rivero, Daniel Cano Carrillo, Teresa Vega, Ramón Romero, Makoto Saitou
cinematography by: Diego Dussuel
film editing: Domi Parra
art director: Isabel Andreu
producer: Paco Poch
production: Mallerich Films Paco Poch
distributor: Sagrera Audiovisual
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