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by Gábor Rohonyi


An elderly couple who, after years of leading a humdrum life, are transformed into a Bonnie & Clyde through their involvement in criminal activities.

international title: Konyec
original title: Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban
country: Hungary
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Gábor Rohonyi
release date: HU 11/01/2007
screenplay: Balázs Lovas
cast: Emil Keres, Teri Földi, Judith Schell, Zoltán Schmied
cinematography by: Péter Szatmári
film editing: István Király
music: Gábor Madarász
producer: Mónika Mécs, Károly Fehér
production: M&M Film, TV2
backing: Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary
distributor: HungariCom
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