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by Srdjan Vuletić


40-year-old Fudo is a taxi driver from Sarajevo. Aside from that, he collaborates with the local underworld, giving robbers tips on houses whose owners are away on holiday. Because of his wife and – most importantly – his small son he decides to ditch the latter activity. Shaking free of one’s own past is not easy, however. He starts with a new car, and to buy it he borrows money from a colleague – who nonetheless wants a favour in return. What’s more, Fudo’s first passenger in his “new” life is a pregnant woman he takes to the hospital where he is assumed to be the child’s father. Fudo however is not about to compromise his resolution, and he continues to try to be a better person.

international title: It's Hard to Be Nice
original title: Teško je biti fin
country: Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
sales agent: Fortissimo Films
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Srdjan Vuletić
release date: NL 10/04/2008
screenplay: Srdjan Vuletić
cinematography by: Slobodan Trninić
film editing: Almir Kenović, Andrija Zafranović
music: Srdjan Kurpjel, Saša Lošić
producer: Ademir Kenović, Pierre Spengler, Michael Eckelt
production: Refresh Production (BA)
distributor: Cinemien
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