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de Gérard Pirès


A missile has just disappeared and the DGSE (French CIA) is on edge. Its directors think that there is a traitor in the house. To get back the nuclear weapon, they employ two losers, Will and Ben, to fill in for James Bond. These two video game addicts are a cover for the true spies. But they’re not quite as dumb as they seem and they take their responsibilities very seriously indeed. From Paris to Jamaica, they confront the gorgeous Natty Dreads and her army of top models so as to get access to the group’s megalomaniac chief, He-Man. In his underwater island hideout, He-Man hides a new, high-tech weapon by which he aims to dominate the world. Auckland Bob, a former agent that the DGSE would have preferred to forget, and Mademoiselle Dan, an attractive Asian woman curiously expert in martial arts, play an important role in the story.

titre international : Double zéro
titre original : Double zéro
pays : France, Royaume-Uni
vente à l' étranger : Plaza Production InternationalRoissy Films
année : 2004
genre : fiction
réalisation : Gérard Pirès
durée : 90'
date de sortie : FR 16/06/2004
scénario : Matt Alexander
acteurs : Eric Judor, Ramzy Bédia, Édouard Baer, Rossy de Palma, Atmen Kelif, Georgina Robertson, Georgianna Robertson, Li Xin
producteur : Emmanuel Jacquelin, Thomas Langmann
production : La Petite Reine, 4 Mecs à Lunettes Production, 4 Mecs en Baskets Production, M6 Films
soutien : TPS Star Cinéma, M6 Films
distributeurs : Warner Bros Entertainment France, TriPictures, Les Films de L'Elysée
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