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Dulce l'emporte au 49e Festival de Tampere


- Le festival du court-métrage finlandais s'est conclu sur la victoire de ce film "unique et formidable"

Dulce l'emporte au 49e Festival de Tampere
Dulce d'Angello Faccini et Guille Isa

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The 49th edition of the Tampere Film Festival ended on Sunday with documentary Dulce (Dirs. Angello Faccini & Guille Isa, USA/Colombia/Peru) winning the festival’s Grand Prix. The film is a visually stunning piece of work that focuses on Colombia's Pacific Coast where a mother teaches her daughter how to swim. This is an essential skill in a community that relies on the sea to live, something that is becoming increasingly difficult due to climate change. The film juxtaposes the personal struggles of the female protagonists with the ever encroaching dangers of the modern world. Already screened at the likes of Toronto, Sundance and Palm Springs (where it won the Best Documentary), the film was described by the jury as “…as a unique and amazing film that has a long lasting impact in spite of its short running time.”

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Fresh off its Grand Prix win at Clermont this year (see the news), The Christmas Gift [Cadoul de Craciun] (Dir. Bogdan Muresanu, Romania) continued to resonate with people, picking up several awards in the International Competition. These included Best Fiction and the Audience Award of the International Competition as well as being nominated as Tampere Short Film Candidate for the 2019 European Film Awards.

The Best Animation Category Prize was handed to Neko No Hi (Cat Days) (Dir. Jon Frickey, Germany/ Japan) while the Best Documentary Category Prize for All Inclusive (Dir. Corina Schwingruber Ilić , Switzerland) meant that the film continued a run of popularity on the circuit.

The International Jury were Adrian Silisteanu (Director, Romania), Miia Tervo (Director, Finland), Nicole Fernández Ferrer (Coordinator the Audiovisual Simone de Beauvoir Centre, France), Birgitte Weinberger (Director of Odense Film Festival, Denmark) and Koyo Yamashita (director of Image Forum Festival, Japan)

In The National Competition, Untitled (Burned Rubber On Asphalt, 2018) (Dir. Tinja Ruusuvuori, Finland) was awarded three prizes in the National Competition of the Festival: the Main Prize at the category of films under 30 minutes,  the Student Award, and the film became the Tampere Nominee for European Audience Award. The documentary was described by the jury as “…a portrait of a remote Northern place - where isolation and boredom breed an imaginative escape that turns everyday vehicles into instruments of art. Through an investigative approach the filmmaker elevates the activity from an immature pastime to a creative expression worthy of an artful consideration”.

The Main Prize in the Over 30 Minutes films went to documentary The Hypnotist [+lire aussi :
fiche film
 (Dir. Arthur Franck, Finland 2018) while another documentary in Gods of Molenbeek [+lire aussi :
fiche film
(Dir. Reetta Huhtanen, Finland) was awarded the Church Media Foundation Prize and the Special Prize in the National Competition of over 30minute films.

The National Jury Consisted of Arto Koskinen (Director, Finland), Tytti Rantanen (programme coordinator for AV-arkki - the Centre for Finnish Media Art, Finland),  and Ina Pira (Vimeo, USA)

Eläinsilta U-3033 (Animal Bridge U-3033) (Dir. Milja Viita, Finland) won the Risto Jarva Prize, named after the Finnish filmmaker and dedicated to new Finnish shorts. The film was described as a beautiful, poetic and even somewhat rugged story on how man harnesses nature into their needs, and represses both animals and vegetation as subordinates to human action.

The festival will return for its 50th edition between 4th-8th March 2020

The full list of award winners is

International Competition

Grand Prix
Dulce (Dirs. Angello Faccini & Guille Isa, USA/Colombia/Peru)

Best Documentary
All Inclusive (Dir. Corina Schwingruber Ilić, Switzerland)

Best Animation
Neko No Hi (Cat Days) (Dir. Jon Frickey, Germany/ Japan)

Best Fiction
The Christmas Gift [Cadoul de Craciun] (Dir. Bogdan Muresanu, Romania)

Special Mention (Fiction)
Two Bodies on a Beach [Kaksi Ruumista] (Dir. Anna Paavilainen, Finland)

Tampere Short Film Nominee For The European Film Awards 2019
The Christmas Gift [Cadoul de Craciun] (Dir. Bogdan Muresanu, Romania)

The International Competition Audience Award
The Christmas Gift [Cadoul de Craciun] (Dir. Bogdan Muresanu, Romania)

National Competition

Golden Shade Equipment Rental Prize
Realms [Valtakunnat] (Dir. Patrik Söderlund, Finland)

Risto Jarva Prize
Eläinsilta U-3033 (Animal Bridge U-3033) (Dir. Milja Viita, Finland)

Church Media Foundation Prize
Gods of Molenbeek [+lire aussi :
fiche film
(Dir. Reetta Huhtanen, Finland)

Under 30 Minutes Main Prize
Untitled (Burned Rubber On Asphalt, 2018) (Dir. Tinja Ruusuvuori, Finland)

Under 30 Minutes Special Prize
Family Time [Mummola] (Dir. Tia Kouvo, Finland / Sweden)

Under 30 Minutes Special Mention
Super Comfort (Dir. Kirsikka Saari, Finland)

Over 30 Minutes Main Pirze
The Hypnotist [+lire aussi :
fiche film
 (Dir. Arthur Franck, Finland 2018)

Over 30 Minutes Special Prize
Gods of Molenbeek (Dir. Reetta Huhtanen, Finland)

Youth Jury Award
Quietly Like Murderers [Hiljaa Kuin Murhaajat] (Dir. Lauri-Matti Parppei,  Finland)

New Cinema Prize
Äiti Moppaa (Dir. Emma Similä, Finland)

Tampere Nominee For European Audience Award
Untitled (Burned Rubber On Asphalt, 2018) (Dir. Tinja Ruusuvuori, Finland)

Audience Award
Diy Life: The Story Of Combat Rock Industy [Tee Se Itse -Elämä: Combat Rockin Tarina] (Dirs. Janne Tanskanen & Ville Asikainen,  Finland)

Student Award
Untitled (Burned Rubber On Asphalt, 2018) (Dir. Tinja Ruusuvuori, Finland)

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