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Le European Producers Club est florissant


- En 2018-2019, 20 nouvelles sociétés de production ont rejoint l'EPC, qui réunit aujourd'hui 108 membres et qui a pour nouveau président Alvaro Longoria

Le European Producers Club est florissant
Le producteur espagnol Alvaro Longoria

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The European Producers Club (EPC) is entering a phase of incredible expansion, welcoming, in just one year, 20 new production companies and proving that independent production in Europe is, and will remain, at the core of an ever-evolving industry.

The firms that have joined the EPC in 2018-2019 are: Lucky Red (Italy), Rohfilm (Germany), Proton Cinema (Hungary), Space Rocket Nation (Denmark), Matila Röhr Productions Oy (Finland), Fabula Pictures (Italy), Climax Films (Belgium), Indiana Production (Italy), Czar Film & TV (Belgium), Sweet Chili Entertainment (Denmark), Tellux-Film (Germany), Rinkel Film (the Netherlands), Quexito (Spain), Ostlicht Filmproduktion (Germany), All-In-Production (Germany), Apple Tree Productions (Denmark), Pointprod (Switzerland), Minerva Pictures (Italy), and Flare Film (Germany) and Mistrus Media (Latvia).

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The European Producers Club, a trade association created in 1993, whose ambition is to regroup and protect the interests of independent European producers, today boasts 108 members from 28 European countries and Canada, including the most prolific and successful creative producers in Europe that come from the worlds of TV series, documentaries and fiction features. It has become the most active and representative association of independent producers in Europe, with an unwavering presence in the major international TV and film markets and festivals, and in institutional discussions.

Representing such a huge number and wide variety of producers allows the EPC to have a complete and comprehensive overview of the various different sides of the audiovisual market, and to keep raising awareness of the importance of such diversity as a way to maintain an ever-thriving cultural industry in Europe and abroad.

The new EPC president is Alvaro Longoria, of Morena Films (Spain). The board of directors for 2019 also includes Dariusz Jablonski (Apple Films, Poland), Ulrik Bolt Jorgensen (Arena Film, Denmark), Marco Chimenz (Cattleya, Italy), Gudny Hummelvoll (Hummelfilm, Norway), Thomas Bourguignon (Kwaï, France), Paula Vaccaro (Pinball London, UK), Ira von Gienanth (Prokino Filmproduktion, Germany), Johannes Rexin (Rexinfilm, Germany), Reinier Selen (Rinkel Films, the Netherlands), Yves Marmion (UGC/Les Films du 24, France) and Pandora da Cunha Telles (Ukbar, Portugal).

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