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MIA 2020

Le MIA de Rome propose un beau panorama des nouvelles séries et des nouveaux docu


- Le Drama Pitching Forum va présenter aux accrédités 15 projets provenant de 11 pays et un cycle de rencontres avec des acteurs de l’industrie

Le MIA de Rome propose un beau panorama des nouvelles séries et des nouveaux docu
Nicolas Deprost et David Franzoni, createur et scénariste de la série française Lafayette, sélectionnée dans la catégorie Drama Series

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This year, the Drama Pitching Forum will once again be offering a wide market overview to those attending Rome’s MIA - Mercato Internazionale dell’audiovisivo di Roma (14-18 October), homing in on 15 projects hailing from 11 countries and divided into 4 separate categories. Among the works in the Drama Series category we find the French series Lafayette, a costume drama set during the American Revolution, produced by Wild Horses, created by Nicolas Deprost and written by David Franzoni (who won an Oscar for Gladiator); Miss Fallaci Takes America, the story of the great journalist Oriana Fallaci’s journey to America in 1958, created by Alessandra Gonnella and written in collaboration with Justin Trefgarne and Edoardo Perazzi; Cult, a series created by Francesco Patierno and Sergio Nazzaro, set in a version of southern Italy which is wrestling with a new and powerful enemy: the Nigerian mafia; King of Fortune, a European epic created and written by Selene Favuzzi and Carla Giulia Casalini, which tells the true story of the Viking mercenary Robert Guiscard, and Courtesans, a series created by Anya Camilleri, revolving around sexual and sentimental entanglements unfurling within a Renaissance court.

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Set to be presented within the MIA’s new categories, which include Mini Series and Films for TV and Streaming Platforms, we find, among others, the project Kill, a dark comedy created and written by Barry Devlin and Streamrollers by Fabio Guaglione (Mine [+lire aussi :
fiche film
) and Angelo Camba, a film straddling the epic and fantasy genres, set in 1960s Sardinia.

Short forms are also making an appearance in this year’s selection. Among the projects chosen for this brand-new category we find the animated sitcom Karetabla e Fabula, an Italy-Germany co-production.

Furthermore, in league with the APA (Italian Association of Audiovisual Producers) and the association for independent English producers Pact (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television), MIA Drama is further co-organising a bilateral session to encourage exchanges between TV producers (scripted and unscripted) hailing from the two territories.

Meanwhile, the series of encounters known as “The Producer’s Keynote” will offer up a raft of exclusive interviews with international industry leaders, broadcast via the MIA Digital platform and unfolding live at the event’s chief venue, Palazzo Barberini. The first meeting will focus on one of the biggest producers in Hollywood, Michael Ellenberg, the founder and CEO of Media Res. Ellenberg was formerly Head of Drama for HBO (Westworld, Big Little Lies, True Detective, The Young Pope) and has produced Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, among other works. The second encounter will be with Stephen Cornwell, co-founder and co-CEO of The Ink Factory who, as an executive producer, signed his name to the AMC mini-series The Little Drummer Girl, as well as the multi-award-winning series The Night Manager. Cornwell will discuss the new, hotly anticipated series The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, based upon John Le Carré’s eponymous spy novel.

The MIA|DOC section, meanwhile, will host a new biographies event following the success of the “Bio Doc” panel in 2019’s edition. Key contributors will include director Giorgio Verdelli, who will talk about the making of his documentary Paolo Conte, Via con me [+lire aussi :
fiche film
, which is on the verge of international release; Juan Martin Guevara who will explain the international project Mio fratello il Che, and Daniele Coluccini and Matteo Botrugno (Et in terra Pax, Tainted Souls [+lire aussi :
interview : Matteo Botrugno, Daniele C…
fiche film
) who will present the story of a transsexual Italian who survived Dachau.

As for the Doc Pitching Forum, its Official Selection will this year showcase 19 projects which will be battling it out for the Nat Geo Award, subdivided into three categories: Feature Docs, Docuseries and One-Offs.

The selection:

Drama Series

Lafayette (France/USA)
Writer, director: Nicolas Deprost, David Franzoni
Production company: Wild Horses

Thank You For Playing (Finland/France)
Writer, director: Laurent Mizrahi, Teemu Nikki
Production company: Black Sheep Films, It’Alive Films

Courtesans (Italy)
Writer, director: Anya Camilleri
Production company: Endemol Shine Italy

Winter Palace (Switzerland)
Writer, director: Lindsay Shapero, Jean-Marc Fröle
Production company: Point Prod

Miss Fallaci Takes America (Italy)
Writer, director: Alessandra Gonnella, Justin Trefgarne, Edoardo Perazzi
Production company: Redstring, Minerva Pictures

Cult (Italy)
Writer, director: Francesco Patierno. Sergio Nazzaro
Production company: Notorious Pictures

King of Fortune (Italy/Denmark/Finland/Norway)
Writer, director: Selene Fanuzzi. Carla Giulia Casalini
Production company: MRP Matila Röhr Productions OY, Arena Film APS


In the Name of Wanda (Netherlands)
Writer, director: Shariff Korver, Boundewijn Rosenmuller
Production company: NL Film

Kill (Ireland)
Writer, director: Barry Devlin 
Production company: ShinAwiL

Movies for TV & Digital

Streamrollers (Italy)
Writer, director: Fabio Guaglione, Angelo Camba
Production company: BIM Produzione


Karetabla (Venezuela)
Writer, director: Carlos Zerpa
Production company: Osa Estudio

Fabula (Italy/Germany)
Writer, director: Lorenzo Puntoni, Giulio Rizzo
Production company: Beagle Media, Lumen Film srl, Mediterraneo Cinematografica, The Piranesi Experience

Free (Spain)
Writer, director: Marcos Borregon
Production company: Lapierna Films

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