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EKRAN+ cherche son prochain lot d’équipes créatives


- Ce programme de formation accueille, autour des projets qu’ils sont en train de développer, des réalisateurs européens entourés de leur équipe qui souhaitent affiner leur approche visuelle

EKRAN+ cherche son prochain lot d’équipes créatives
Une des scènes tournées l’année dernière dans le cadre d’EKRAN+, pour le projet orunia4ever2 d'Elzbieta Benkowska (© Agnieszka Patela)

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The EKRAN+ European professional training programme is awaiting its next batch of participants. Focusing on the creative pre-production process and based around providing shooting practice, the programme aims to help the participants identify and refine the right tone and visual language for their future films. The deadline for the call is less than a month away, on 12 April, and participation is free of charge. The application form can be found here.

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EKRAN+ is intended to become a testing ground for film ideas, enabling them to be translated from paper to screen. As film director Wojciech Marczewski, head of EKRAN+, underlines: “EKRAN+ was born of the deep belief that the film director is the creator – the person possessing the core creativity.” As the creative teams normally have to work in many different fields and deal with many different issues before moving into production, they do not devote the necessary time and energy to checking and refining their ideas for the visual style and tone of the film. In that sense, EKRAN+ gives them a chance to experiment and test what works best for the project before moving on to the production stage, by helping the directors deliver their vision to a broad audience via film clips, while focusing on the necessary elements of the directing craft: a deep understanding of the story content and the dramaturgy of the script, a feeling for the casting process, a look at individual ways of working with actors, the search for a truly personal style and tone for the film and, last but not least, the formulation of individual methods of co-operating with other film professionals.

Running for 22 days, the programme aims to facilitate the creative development of scripts or treatments for each project, linking this to the visualisation process. Also, two crucial scenes from each participant’s script will be shot. The whole process unfolds under the watchful eye of renowned international filmmakers, including Wojciech Marczewski, Paweł Pawlikowski, Ildiko Enyedi, Antoine Jaccoud, Udayan Prasad, Marilyn Milgrom, Margaret Glover, Denijal Hasanović, Volker Schloendorff, Roshanak Behehst Nedjad and Christoph Hochhäusler.

Each project is represented by a creative team, consisting of a director (or scriptwriter-director), scriptwriter (or co-writer), director of photography and producer. The EKRAN+ programme includes treatment or script development, through group and individual work; preparation for shooting (casting, storyboard and individual consultations with the tutors); shooting; editing; and evaluation, with group and tutor analysis of the resulting scenes. The creative team is offered a choice of locations, actors and set designs, within the usual logistical and budgetary constraints. At the end of the programme, each creative team will have a well-developed treatment or first draft of the script, and two completed scenes demonstrating the tone, genre and visual language of the project.

The participants are chiefly European directors or scriptwriter-directors who have already made a feature film or several shorts, and the selected teams will be granted scholarships, covering participation fees and accommodation. The first two sessions of EKRAN+, running from 7-10 June and from 19-27 July, are dedicated to directors and scriptwriters, while at the third session (27 September-5 October), the whole creative team will participate. There is also an optional follow-up session in December. As is to be expected, the schedule may be adjusted according to the pandemic and the associated regulations.

EKRAN+, supported by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe, is a joint project organised by Wajda Studio and Wajda School, Focal (Switzerland), the Austrian Film Institute, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the Lithuanian Film Centre, with the support of the Polish Film Institute and the Polish Filmmakers Association. Its technological partners are Heliograf and Koi Studio.

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