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12 millions d’euros pour les aides sélectives 2021 de l'ICAA


- L’ICAA a lancé son appel à candidatures annuel pour les sociétés de production indépendantes avec des projets expérimentaux et des documentaires de débutants présentant un intérêt culturel

12 millions d’euros pour les aides sélectives 2021 de l'ICAA
Beatriz Navas, directrice générale de l'ICAA

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On 29 March, the head office of the Spanish Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute – ICAA published a Resolution on the 2021 call for selective support for the production of feature-length projects in Spain’s Official State Gazette. In total, €12 million will be shared out among independent production companies working on screenplays for films of particular cinematic, cultural or social value or documentaries in development, be they the first efforts by new filmmakers or works of an experimental nature. This is virtually the same amount as was given out last year for this type of support (see the news).

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The maximum amount of backing that can be granted per project is €800,000, or €300,000 for co-productions with foreign companies in which Spain has minority involvement. In addition, the sum of the support can stretch to 70% of the recognised cost for projects deemed to be of particular cultural and artistic value, which need exceptional financial backing.

This selective support is not compatible with the general, non-specific support for the production of feature-length projects. Within a single budgetary tax year, only one project may be submitted to one of these calls to apply for support. Under no circumstances can projects that obtained selective support for the production of features at the project stage during previous calls take part in this call, whatever their budget, except when the company in receipt of the aid has explicitly refused said support before it was paid and, certainly, before the start of the submission period for the current call.

Of the total amount of the grant, a minimum of 35% is intended for projects being helmed exclusively by female directors; a minimum of 15% and a maximum of 25% for projects of a documentary nature; a minimum of 8% for animated projects; a maximum of 10% for projects of an experimental nature; and a minimum of 5% for co-productions or those with foreign outfits in which Spain has minority involvement. In the case of features made as co-productions with foreign companies, acknowledgement of the cost will be made solely with reference to the Spanish involvement in said features.

Applications can be submitted via the “Sede Electrónica” section of the Ministry of Culture and Sport website: the submission deadline is 22 April 2021 at 2pm, Spanish time. Those projects that are planned as co-productions with foreign companies may submit the relevant application for approval of the international co-production until 12 April 2021, which will be subject to compliance with the relevant requirements. As a result, for those projects that need to make changes in order to fulfil the requirements, failure to remedy these prior to the end of the period for submitting applications for support – ie, 22 April – will lead to the disqualification of said projects from this support call.

The manager of the Spanish Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute’s head office will declare the grant Resolution, which will follow in a maximum time frame of four months counting from the day following that of the publication of the summary of the call in the Official State Gazette. Further details of this call are available (in Spanish) here.

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