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ISTANBUL 2021 Meetings on the Bridge / Prix

La 16e édition de Meetings on the Bridge désigne ses gagnants


- Parmi les lauréats du rendez-vous de la coproduction tenu dans le cadre du Festival du film d’Istanbul figurent les prochains films de Selcen Ergun, Selman Nacar, Gülten Taranç et Tareq Daoud

La 16e édition de Meetings on the Bridge désigne ses gagnants
La réalisatrice Selcen Ergun, qui a remporté le Prix Anadolu Efes pour son projet Snow and the Bear

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The 16th edition of Meetings on the Bridge ran from 2-9 April, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) within the scope of the Istanbul Film Festival. It drew to a close with the online announcement of the award winners, during which the head of Meetings on the Bridge, Gülin Üstün, thanked the team, the supporters, the awards sponsors, the jury members and the participants. This was followed by a message from the director of the Istanbul Film Festival, Kerem Ayan. The winners were chosen from among 21 film projects in development and seven in post-production, hailing from Turkey and its neighbouring countries (see the news).

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Starting with the Work in Progress workshop, the jury members, Alessandro Gropplero (Venice International Film Critics' Week), Benjamin Mirguet (First Cut Lab) and Daniela Cölle (Pluto Film), picked Selcen Ergun’s debut feature, Snow and the Bear, which is being produced by Nefes Polat and the director, as the winner of the 30,000 Turkish lira (€3,100) Anadolu Efes Award, for “a strong auteur vision, and complex and deep storytelling that brings together many important themes in contemporary Turkey and reflects human nature within an uncompromising environment”. The film also snagged the Fragman House Trailer Award, which includes editing of the trailer for the film, and was presented for the first time this year.

The Cine Chromatix Post-Production Award, which covers the expenses of online editing and colour grading in Berlin, was also presented for the first time at this edition and went to the documentary Eat Your Catfish by Senem Tüzen, Adam Isenberg and Noah Amir Arjomand, “a very personal, honest film about the family and the bravery of a woman whose life is not the easiest”. Also, the Foley Award, which includes one of the main elements of a film, Foley recording and editing, also given out for the first time, was presented to director Burak Çevik and producer Selman Nacar, the team behind the film Forms of Forgetting, for “bringing to its full potential the poetry of its landscapes, and for its playfulness”.

Finally, the Başka Sinema Award was presented to director Şafak Şahin and producer Emek Yıldırım Şahin for the documentary Within the Shadow of Memories, and the Daire Creative Key Art Design Award was received by director and producer Morteza Atabaki for his documentary Halime.

In the Film Development Workshop and Neighbours Platform, the jury, comprising Anamaria Antoci (Tangaj Productions), Catherine Dussart (CDP), Dorothe Beinemeier (Red Balloon Films), Elias Demetriou (Mediterranean Film Institute), Oana Giurgiu (Libra Film) and Faruk Güven (TRT), selected the award winners after the completion of the online pitches.

The TRT Special Award of 50,000 Turkish lira (€5,150) went to the project Hesitation Wound, directed by Selman Nacar and produced by Burak Çevik and Diloy Gülün. According to the jury, “The unique way of reflecting the moral decision-making process of an assertive woman character, the credibility of the layers shaped around an interesting lawsuit story, the potential to strengthen the emotional world and the idea of the film through choices on form and language” are what made it deserving of this prize.

The Meetings on the Bridge Award, valued at 30,000 Turkish lira (€3,100), was bestowed upon the project The Snails, directed by Gülten Taranç and produced by Eylem Atakav, for “its hilarious and witty approach to the universal subject of obesity and its direct reflection of each one of us who follows the beauty ideals of modern society”. The other main prize, the CNC Award, which comes with €8,000, was presented to the project Şerife Tavşan, directed by Tareq Daoud and produced by Çiğdem Mater, for “its faith in freedom and women’s emancipation, regardless of age and social environment, and its faith in cinematic language to make us laugh and think”.

The remaining, mainly technical, awards went to the documentary Road to Tokyo, directed by Efe Öztezdoğan and produced by Aslıhan Altuğ and Haluk Koçak, which received the brand-new Mattepost Post-Production Online Award; director Kiarash Anvari and producer Sadaf Foroughi, behind the Iranian project The Eagle of Barwaq, which snagged the Postbıyık Sound Production Award; and director Anıl Eraslan and producer Kıvılcım Akay, who received the Melodika Sound Award for their project Sound Dreams of Istanbul.

Furthermore, Nazlı Elif Durlu’s sophomore project, Dark Forest, produced by Anna Maria Aslanoğlu, received the Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) Script and Development Workshop Award; the Se-yap Award was given to director Onur Sefer for his project Thursday Night Is Too Dark, produced by Tilbe Cana İnan; and Tussifed by Doğu Yaşar Akal, produced by Ali Kaan Ege, will be invited to the upcoming Transilvania Pitch Stop.

Here is the full list of winners at the 16th Meetings on the Bridge:

Work in Progress awards

Anadolu Efes Award
Snow and the Bear - Selcen Ergun
Producers: Nefes Polat, Selcen Ergun

Cine Chromatix Post-Production Award
Eat Your Catfish - Senem Tüzen, Adam Isenberg, Noah Amir Arjomand
Producers: Senem Tüzen, Adam Isenberg, Noah Amir Arjomand Foley Award
Forms of Forgetting - Burak Çevik
Producers: Selman Nacar, Burak Çevik

Fragman House Trailer Award
Snow and the Bear - Selcen Ergun
Producers: Nefes Polat, Selcen Ergun

Başka Sinema Award
Within the Shadow of Memories - Şafak Şahin
Producers: Şafak Şahin, Emine Yıldırım Şahin

Daire Creative Key Art Design Award
Halime - Morteza Atabaki
Producer: Morteza Atabaki

Film Development Workshop and Neighbours Platform awards

TRT Special Award
Hesitation Wound - Selman Nacar (Turkey/France)
Producers: Burak Çevik (Kuyu Film), Diloy Gülün (Karma Film)
Co-producer: Guillaume de Seille (Arizona Films)

Meetings on the Bridge Award
The Snails - Gülten Taranç
Producer: Eylem Atakav (Taranç & Taranç Film)

CNC Award
Şerife Tavşan - Tareq Daoud
Producer: Çiğdem Mater (Ret Film)

Mattepost Post-Production Online Award
Road to Tokyo - Efe Öztezdoğan
Producers: Aslıhan Altuğ, Haluk Koçak (Rings in Color)

Postbıyık Sound Production Award
The Eagle of Barwaq - Kiarash Anvari (Iran/France)
Producer: Sadaf Foroughi (Sweet Delight Pictures)
Co-producer: Guillaume de Seille (Arizona Films)

Melodika Sound Award
Sound Dreams of Istanbul - Anıl Eraslan
Producer: Kıvılcım Akay (Akay Film)

MFI Script and Development Workshop Award
Dark Forest - Nazlı Elif Durlu
Producer: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu (Istos Film)

Se-yap Award
Thursday Night Is Too Dark - Onur Sefer
Producer: Tilbe Cana İnan

Transilvania Pitch Stop Award
Tussifed - Doğu Yaşar Akal
Producer: Ali Kaan Ege (Harakiri Film)

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