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MIA 2021

Le MIA de Rome accueille de figures de proue de l’audiovisuel du monde entier


- Le Marché international de l’audiovisuel de Rome revient du 13 au 17 octobre ; il va proposer 80 premières marché et premières mondiales, et 40 titres (films, séries TV et documentaires)

Le MIA de Rome accueille de figures de proue de l’audiovisuel du monde entier
La réalisatrice Sonja Prosenc, dont le projet Redemption a été sélectionné au Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

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From 13 to 17 October 2021, the MIA International Audiovisual Market, directed by Lucia Milazzotto, will be back. The seventh edition will take place as usual in Rome, in the spaces of the Palazzo Barberini, the Cinema Moderno and the Cinema Quattro Fontane. After being one of the few in person appointments in 2020, the MIA reports for 2021 an increase of 30% in the number of screenings with more than 140 of them, and 80 between market and world premieres, further proof of the desire to return to seeing films at the cinema and to meet in person again. As in the previous edition, the on-site activity will be enhanced and integrated with the online one, through the MIA Digital platform.

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The opening keynote of the MIA Scripted division will be given by award-winning North American director, writer and producer Joe Russo, co-chairman with his brother Anthony of the production company AGBO, which has record-breaking films to its credit, such as the four films made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the protagonists of the seventh edition is producer and writer Alon Aranya, executive producer of the series Your Honor, produced for Showtime.

The Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum will present a selection of 14 feature film projects from 8 countries. Five of the selected projects are by female directors.

There are also 14 international series projects premiering at this year's Drama Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. Producers from 12 different nationalities will take turns on stage: Italy, UK, Canada, Cyprus, France, Finland, Belgium, Ukraine, Germany, Iceland, Spain and Bulgaria. The busy programme of the Scripted section includes the panel "New Business Models in Television," on the new landscape of AD-supported TV, including a reflection on the role that content analysis based on artificial intelligence can play in films and series. Speakers on the panel will be Stuart McLean, CEO of Fast Studios; Cristina Sala, senior business development Italy TV Plus ESBO of Samsung; Tobias Queisser, co-founder & CEO of Cinelytic. The "Film Financing Bundles" panel will instead analyse film financing opportunities and the ways in which the approach to film financing has evolved in recent years. Speakers will include: Carolyn Steinmetz, EVP, head of content finance at STX Entertainment; Alexandra Hoesdorff, co-founder and CEO of Deal Productions; Maxime Cottray, VP Finance and Production at XYZ Films, Matteo Perale, co-founder of WIIP, and Andrea Scrosati, COO Fremantle.

Five films were selected in C EU Soon, the work-in-progress programme dedicated to European first and second films in post-production.

The MIA Unscripted section will offer a series of international meetings featuring a number of personalities from the industry. Among them will be acclaimed producer and director R.J. Cutler, who has been at the forefront of American documentary filmmaking for the past three decades. In the keynote "R.J. Cutler. Dispatches from The Golden Age," the director will discuss the state of the art form, analysing the current documentary landscape at a time when films and non-fiction series are effectively dominating the cultural conversation. Among the protagonists of the seventh edition are also Cosima Spender and Valerio Bonelli, respectively director and editor of Palio [+lire aussi :
fiche film
and SanPa - Sins of the Savior [+lire aussi :
interview : Cosima Spender
fiche série
, at the centre of the keynote "Documentary Storytelling".

Finally, with 13 projects ranging from sports to music, from the environment to politics, this year's Doc Pitching Forum will feature a wide variety of content, focusing on strong, contradictory and mysterious characters.

The selection:

Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

After the Hurricane – Julian Jarrold (UK)
Producer: Merlin Merton (Paradox House)

Arturo’s Voice – Irene Dionisio (Italy)
Producer: Costanza Coldagelli (Matrioska)

Clouds on Leashes – Günel Eva (Azerbaijan/Germany)
Producer: Georg Neubert (Reynard Films)

Forough: A Lonely Woman – Tina Gharavi (UK)
Producer: Christopher Granier-Deferre (Poisson Rouge Pictures/Bridge + Tunnel)

Les Italiens – Silvio Muccino (Italy)
Producer: Gianluca Curti, Cosetta Lagani (Minerva Pictures Group)

Last Chord in Thessaloniki – Eran Riklis (Israel)
Producer: Eran Riklis (Eran Riklis Productions 1997)

Olimpia’s Way – Corrado Ceron (Italy)
Producer: Nicola Fedrigoni, Valentina Zanella, Francesca Moino (K+)

Passport to Ukraine – Fernando Fraiha (Brazil)
Producer: Karen Castanho, Bianca Villar (Biônica Filmes)

Redemption – Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia/Norway)
Producer: Rok Secen (Monoo)

The Register – Marco Amenta (Italy)
Producer: Simonetta Amenta (Eurofilm)

Today… Tomorrow… – Ray Yeung (Hong Kong)
Producer: Michael J. Werner, Teresa Kwong (New Voice Film Productions)

The Trial – Mark Hammond, Lilia Schneider (Lithuania/Moldavia/Romania)
Producer: Kestutis Drazdauskas (Artbox)

Wanna Taste It

Homicide House – Emanuele Aldrovandi (Italy)
Producer: Ariens Damsi (Eliofilm)

The Man Who Stopped the Time – Paolo Casalis, Stefano Scarafia (Italy)
Producer: Alessandro Borrelli (La Sarraz Pictures)

Mishima – The Roses of Vendetta – Gigi Roccati (Italy/Japan)
Producer: Gigi Roccati (Ardita Film), Taro Imai (Harakiri Films)

Drama Co-Production Market Pitching Forum

177 Days. The Kidnapping of Farouk Kassam – 6×50′ (Italy)
Producer: Bim Produzione

Coverdale – 8×60′ (UK)
Producer: Pinball London

DArtagnan and co – 12×26′ (Belgium)
Producer: AT-Prod

Farpoint – 6×60′ (Cyprus/UK/Germany)
Producer: Caretta Films/Three River Fiction/ZDF Enterprises

Fireworks– 6×50′ (Italy)
Producer: Fandango/Matrioska

Gangs of Rome – 8×50′ (Italy)
Producer: Minerva Pictures Group

Gold War – 6×54′ (Bulgaria)
Producer: AGITPROP

LAB-4 – 8×50′ (Spain)
Producer: Kanzaman Productions

Marhaba – 5×60′ (Spain)
Producer: Vértice 360

Nest of snakes – 8×50′ (Ukraine)
Producer: Film. UA Group

Nirvana – 8×45′ (France)
Producer: Nolita/Ardimages

Seconds – 6×45′ (Finland)
Producer: Fire Monkey

The Recruiter – 6×60′ (Canada)
Producer: Sienna Films

The Trip – 8×50′ (Iceland)
Producer: Glassriver

Doc Pitching Forum

5 Nanomoles – The Olympic Dream of a Trans Woman - Elisa Mereghetti (Italy) (feature)
Producer: Ethnos Snc

I Don’t Forgive - Simone Spampinato, Elisa Faccioni (Italy) (feature)
Producer: Jumping Flea

Live Till I Die - Åsa Ekman, Gustav Ågerstrand, Anders Teigen, Oscar Hedin (Switzerland) (feature)
Producer: Film And Tell

The Mayor – Me, Mussolini and the Museum - Piergiorgio Curzi, Sabika Shah Povia (Italy) (Tv One-Off)
Producer: Road Television

Odyssey: Behind the Myth - Massimo Brega (Italy) (series)
Producer: Kepach

Queen of Chess - Bernadett Tuza Ritter (Hungary) (series)
Producer: Queenside Pictures

Radicals - Matteo Ferrarini (Italy) (series)
Producer: Small Boss

Remaking of Love - Lucio Basadonne, Anna Pollio (Italy) (series)
Producer: Zenit Arti Audiovisive

Slave Island - Jimmy Hendrickx, Jeremy Kewuan (Belgium) (feature)
Producer: Harald House Belgium Bv

Stonebreakers - Valerio Ciriaci (US) (feature)
Producer: Awen Films

Sunken Memories - Luca Manes (Italy) (feature)
Producer: Schicchera Production

Topper Headon, I Fought The Law - Lionel Guedj (France) (feature)
Producer: To Be Continued

Wanted: Roni Kalderon - Erez Laufer, Hilla Medalia (Israel) (feature)
Producer: Medalia Productions

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