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La 7e édition de Ventana CineMad accueille 18 projets


- Le VIIe Forum du développement et de la coproduction internationale madrilène a lieu ces 24 et 25 novembre dans un format hybride (sur place et en ligne)

La 7e édition de Ventana CineMad accueille 18 projets
La réalisatrice Arantxa Echevarría, dont le projet Chinas a été sélectionné (© Pedro J. Pacheco)

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Ventana CineMad is on a mission: to help open up Madrid’s vibrant audiovisual scene to the wider world and promote local and regional industries, by offering a boost to filming and production. In this spirit, the event will feature coaching sessions and meet-ups with potential coproducers, sales agents, distributors, TV networks, VOD platforms and more. This year also heralds the welcome return of international investors, absent in 2020, while continuing with the online format: confirmed attendees include production companies from Belgium, France, the UK and Germany.

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The first day is when the teams behind 18 selected audiovisual projects will make their pitches, while the second is given over to two round tables: one on the launch of the Spain Audiovisual Hub and the other on the country’s new General Audiovisual Communication Law. This year’s event will be streamed on a dedicated YouTube channel coordinated by AMA (Madrid Audiovisual Association), in partnership with Madrid City and Regional Councils as part of the portfolio for Economy, Innovation and Employment.

Of the 86 projects submitted, 18 were singled out for their international potential, quality, artistic value, financial viability and links with the city and region of Madrid. The final cut includes seven full-length fiction films: Alumbramiento, a drama directed by Pau TeixidorChinas, by Arantxa EchevarríaDía de caza, by Pedro Aguilera; Elefante, a social-issues drama tinged with magical realism and the feature début of Pablo de la ChicaHermanas, a drama by Ione HernándezUn hijo, a thriller directed and produced by Nacho La Casa; and Un hombre en un puente, by David Martín de los Santos, currently poised for the Spanish release of his first film, That Was Life [+lire aussi :
interview : Damián París et Rosa Garcí…
interview : David Martín de los Santos
fiche film

Two TV series, both fictional, also made it through — Ay’Loviu Habana, by Félix Viscarret, and La residencia, written by Santiago San Martín Beguiristáin — plus six full-length documentaries:Charlie Chaplin, a Man of the World, directed by the comic legend’s granddaughter Carmen Chaplin from a script cowritten by Chaplin herself, Isaki Lacuesta and Amaya RemírezEmilia, a biopic of the renowned author Pardo Bazán, directed by Miguel Ángel Calvo ButtiniLa historia de Tequila, by Álvaro LongoriaLa revolución de las musas, by María Lorente, Yaiza de Lamo and Juno ÁlvarezLas tres vidas de Carlos Slepoy, by Cristina Andreu; and Mi hermano Ali, by Paula Palacios. They are joined by a four-part documentary series, Jesuitas: la historia de una masacre presented by its producer, Rosaura Romero. Rounding off the selection are two feature-length animated films: Chica y Lobo, written and directed by Roc Espinet, and Muna ojos de luna, by Lorena Ares and Carlos F. de Vigo.

Each of these projects is in the running for a share of the €52,000 million prize fund, with €13,000 to be won in each category. A few titles screening this year may be familiar from previous editions, including: Piggy [+lire aussi :
fiche film
, directed by Carlota PeredaJosefina [+lire aussi :
fiche film
, by Javier Marco, already on general release in Spain; La Gomera [+lire aussi :
interview : Corneliu Porumboiu
fiche film
, by Corneliu Porumboiu; and La ciudad oculta [+lire aussi :
interview : Víctor Moreno
fiche film
, by Víctor Moreno.

Full programme information, with further details on attendees, participants and activities, is available here.

The selected projects are:

Feature-length fiction films

Alumbramiento - Pau Teixidor
Produced by: Aquí y allí films

Chinas – Arantxa Echevarría
Produced by: Lazona Producciones

Día de caza - Pedro Aguilera
Produced by: Gonita Filmación

Elefante – Pablo de la Chica
Produced by: Huaorani Films

Hermanas - Ione Hernández
Produced by: Nephilim Films

Un hijo – Nacho La Casa
Produced by: Capitán Araña

Un hombre en un puente – David Martín de los Santos
Produced by: Smiz&Pixel, Featurent

Feature-length documentaries

Charlie Chaplin, a Man of the World – Carmen Chaplin 
Produced by: Atlantika Films

Emilia - Miguel Ángel Calvo Buttini
Produced by: Salto de eje PC

La historia de Tequila - Álvaro Longoria
Produced by: Morena Films

La revolución de las musas – María Lorente, Yaiza de Lamo and Juno Álvarez
Produced by: Potenza Producciones

Las tres vidas de Carlos Slepoy - Cristina Andreu
Produced by: El Gatoverde Producciones

Mi hermano Ali – Paula Palacios
Produced by: Morada Films

Feature-length animated films

Chica y Lobo – Roc Espinet
Produced by: Sygnatia SLU, Hampa Studio

Muna ojos de luna - Lorena Ares and Carlos F. de Vigo
Produced by: White Leaf Producciones

Fictional TV series

Ay’Loviu Habana - Félix Viscarret
Produced by: Tornasol

La residencia 
Produced by: Fede Entertainment España

Documentary Series

Jesuitas: la historia de una masacre
Produced by: 93 Metros

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