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COURTS MÉTRAGES France / Espagne

Une très belle présence espagnole à Clermont-Ferrand


- Une délégation espagnole nourrie débarque à l’événement français, avec des courts-métrages produits ces vingt dernières années et cinq films en compétition

Une très belle présence espagnole à Clermont-Ferrand
Los conspiradores de Luis E. Parés

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Boasting more than 60 titles scattered across retrospectives and other sections, Spain is the guest country at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, which will unspool between 28 January and 5 February in the French city. At the festival’s market, the Shorts from Spain stand will be extolling the virtues of the international promotional catalogues for short films hailing from the various Spanish autonomous communities, accompanied by that of Catalonia, which has secured its own spot next to Spain’s.

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Also present will be the distributors of shorts, as well as people representing festivals and production companies: in fact, more than 80 Spanish professionals will be taking part in the market. Furthermore, the EuroConnection co-production forum will see the participation of a couple of Spanish producers: Sergio Grobas, of Mayo Films (Harta), and Inés Massa de Primo (Farrucas), who will be listening to the pitches for projects hoping to be made as international co-productions.

In addition, four Spanish titles are taking part in the gathering’s international competition section (Cinco estrellas by Roberto Jiménez Bozada, Farrucas by Ian de la Rosa, Los conspiradores by Luis E Parés and Harta by Júlia de Paz Solvas), while the LABO experimental strand includes Useless Opera Singers by Pablo Serret de Ena.

This year, the market programmes will have pride of place: they take the form of market screenings for international industry professionals, serving as showcases for new productions that are kicking off their distribution journeys and are seeking support with regard to enhancing their circulation outside of Spain. Three programmes are on the agenda, which gather up some of the most recent Spanish productions so as to give them some initial impetus on the international market, and they will take place in the Georges-Conchon Theatre (as well as online): the first one on Tuesday 1 February, at 4 pm (in conjunction with the WEIRD Market), will show off all kinds of recent animated works (for young audiences and adults, encompassing fantasy, horror and so on); at 6 pm, it will be the turn of fiction, with seven shorts by both up-and-coming talents and more seasoned helmers, taking in everything from musicals to thrillers, as well as science fiction; and on Wednesday 2 February, at 6 pm, the screen will be filled with documentaries, with five shorts on subjects ranging from sport to ethnography, not to mention LGBTIQ+ rights.

In parallel with this, Spain is involved in the market’s Forum, partaking in two discussions: on Wednesday 2 February, at 3.30 pm, Jorge Rivero, from the Coordinadora del Cortometraje (Short Film Coordinating Committee), will present the Short Film Archive, a platform aimed at compiling information relating to Spanish short films (calls for applications for festivals, news and so on) with a view to becoming a promotional and circulation tool for the sector, both within and outside of Spain.

The same day, at 4.15 pm, Aitor Arenas, a representative of the AIC (Short Film Industry Association), will talk about Emergente – Short Film Development and Co-production Forum, a new sub-brand of the Community of Madrid Short Film Week, which intends to foster and provide a boost for the short-film industry by means of the development, funding and co-production of projects. Besides this, there will be a case study on a Spanish-French co-production, Las Visitantes by Enrique Buleo, in the presence of producer Alejandra Mora (Quatre Films) and the associated co-producers from IKKI Films

Lastly – and also in the context of the Short Film Market – the 2022 edition of the NEW SPANISH SHORTS catalogue will be presented. This tool is intended to enhance the circulation of Spanish talent at international festivals and markets, in cooperation with the catalogues of the autonomous communities and the companies distributing Spanish shorts.

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