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Leonor Baldaque, actrice

Shooting Stars 2003 - Portugal

L’actrice portugaise Leonor Baldaque est l'interprète de quatre films du réalisateur portugais Manoel de Oliveira

real (240x180) [1018 kB]

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video de Frank Stender pour
Europanet - Invideo

Les Shooting Stars sur le site de l'EFP

Du Portugal arrivera Leonor Baldaque, interprète de quatre films du réalisateur Manoel de Oliveira, (Inquietude, Je rentre à la maison, Port de mon enfance, Le principe de l’incertitude) et plus récemment encore dans Eloge de l’Ombre de Alixis Mital Toldeo.

«There are many European directors I would like to work with... of course in Portugal there are directors like Pedro Costa and again Oliveira with whom I like to work. It was always a challenge, every film I made with him.
But at the same time I always remember everything I know, because he really taught me my métier: the way I work, how to work, how to look at the camera and how to face a character, not trying to understand the psychology of the character, but just giving yourself to it, just physics and the physical position. By doing so the psychology was always appearing. It is a method that I tried to apply.
If I try to lose myself in psychological consideration about the character, it is more probable for me to fail».