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Portorož ospita il meeting di coproduzione Slovenia-Serbia


- Il 21° Festival del cinema sloveno ha incluso un evento industry incentrato sulle possibilità di coproduzione tra i due paesi e una sessione di pitching per progetti sloveni selezionati

Portorož ospita il meeting di coproduzione Slovenia-Serbia
La produttrice Jelka Stergel (a sinistra), il direttore del festival, e il direttore del Film Center Serbia Boban Jevtic all'evento (© Matjaž Rušt)

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Last week, the 21st Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož (10-15 September) played host to a two-day event entitled “Co-production Meeting – In Focus: Serbia & Follow-up: Austria”. The event was hosted by producer Jelka Stergel, the director of the festival.

The first Co-production Meeting at last year's edition focused on filmmakers, producers and relevant institutions from Austria. The second in this series of meet-ups focused on Serbian cinema, featuring presentations of funding opportunities, locations in Serbia, and examples of successful co-productions between Serbia and Slovenia and third countries.

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The meeting welcomed many industry guests from the region who are leading players in their respective countries, such as directors and representatives of national and regional film centres and funds like Gorjan Tozija (Macedonian Film Agency), Ylljet Alicka (Albanian National Centre of Cinematography), Danijela Radulović (Film Centre of Montenegro) and Alessandro Gropplero (When East Meets West), as well as representatives of major film institutions and festivals.

In the first part of the meeting, the activities of Film Center Serbia and its international co-production potential were presented by its director, Boban Jevtić. This was followed by a brief summary of last year’s Co-production Meeting with Austrian Cinema and a case-study presentation of the successful Slovenian-Austrian co-production Skiing in Scarves, which is being produced by Boštjan Virc and directed by Haidy Kancler.

One particularly interesting fact in the comparison of the three countries taking part is that between 2016 and 2017, Slovenia recorded a 5% average growth in the number of completed feature films, Serbia just over 6%, while Austria saw a 50% increase.

The second part of the meeting included pitches of selected Slovenian works in progress in search of co-producers. The projects had particular potential for co-production with producers from Serbia, such as Miloš Ivanović (Platforma), Marko Jocić (Viktorija Film), Milan Stojanović (SENSE Production) and Biljana Tutorov (Wake Up Films), who attended the meeting. Among the works in progress were new films by Sonja Prosenc, Rok Biček and Goran Vojnović. For the full list, see below. 

Project pitching

Redemption Sonja Prosenc (fiction)
Writer: Sonja Prosenc
Producer: Rok Sečen
Production company: Monoo

Once Were Humans Goran Vojnović (fiction)
Writers: Tommaso Santi, Goran Vojnović
Producer: Boštjan Ikovic
Production company: ARSMEDIA

Behind the Digital Curtain – Jurij Gruden (documentary)
Writer: Jurij Gruden
Producer: Ida Weiss
Production company: Senca Studio

Ganja Will Set You Free Miha Čelar (documentary) 
Writer: Miha Čelar 
Producers: Miha Čelar, Tamara Babun, Marta Zaccaron 
Production companies: Astral Film (Slovenia), Wolfgang & Dolly (Croatia), Quasar Multimedia (Italy) 

Hidden People  Miha Hočevar (fiction)
Writer: Srđan Koljević
Producer: Danijel Hočevar
Production company: Vertigo

All Against All – Andrej Košak (fiction)
Writer: Andrej Košak
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Production company: Blade Production

Dark Mother Earth  Rok Biček (fiction)
Writers: Rok Biček, Kristian Novak
Producers: Rok Biček, Danijel Pek
Production companies: Cvinger Film (Slovenia), Antitalent (Croatia) 

Eva Tijana Zinajić (fiction)
Writer: Izza Strehar
Producers: Vlado Bulajić, Lija Pogačnik
Production company: Zavod December 

Avtor v prahu Miloš Tomić (experimental animated short)
Writer: Miloš Tomić
Producer: Mojca Pernat
Production company: Film Factory 

Rhythm Dušan Moravec (documentary)
Writers: Tina Lesničar, Dušan Moravec
Producer: Jernej Škof
Production company: Društvo ŠKUC 

Twisted Tales – Sara Božanić (transmedia)
Writer: Jasmina Kallay
Producers: Sara Božanić, Petra Bertalanič, Biljana Tutorov, Luis Matta Almeida, Pierre Cattan, Spencer Hunt
Production companies: Inštitut za transmedijski dizajn (Slovenia), Wake Up Films (Serbia), Sparkle Animation (Portugal), Small Bang (France), Lookit (USA)

The Beanie – Slobodan Maksimović (fiction)
Writer: Saša Eržen
Producer: Ida Weiss
Production company: Senca Studio

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