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Film Fund Luxembourg annuncia i destinatari del suo ultimo round di finanziamenti


- L'agenzia cinematografica del paese sosterrà 20 nuovi progetti audiovisivi, erogando un totale di € 8.096.109 euro in borse di produzione e sviluppo

Film Fund Luxembourg annuncia i destinatari del suo ultimo round di finanziamenti
La regista Laura Schroeder, che ha ricevuto supporto allo sviluppo per Maret

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Following the selection committee’s decision-making session held from 20-24 July, Film Fund Luxembourg has announced the recipients of its latest slate of funding, who will be given a total of €8,096,109 in production and development grants. On this occasion, the committee evaluated 34 applications in total, with the requested amount of assistance totalling over €18.1 million.

The agency has granted development support to ten new projects – specifically, six fiction films, one documentary, two animated series and one animated feature. In detail, the six feature-length fiction projects awarded are Stéphan Roelants and Moussa Touré’s Poussière rouge (€30,000, produced by a_BAHN with Senegalese partners), Félix Koch’s Vakanz Doheem (€30,000, staged by Samsa Films), Adolf El Assal’s Hooped (€40,000, a Wady Films production), Laura Schroeder’s Maret (€30,000, produced by Red Lion), Ivan Goldschmidt’s Chaleur sans Frontières (€30,000, produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions and Belgian partners) and Eric Lamhene’s Mir géint d’Welt (€50,000, staged by Samsa Films).

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Meanwhile, both animated series benefiting from development support are being produced by Foetz-based Zeilt Productions. They are Julien Renault’s Le Fond du Bocal (€45,000, a Luxembourgish-French co-production) and Cyril Bossmann’s Barababor: Le Livre des Contes (€39,099). Lastly, the sole documentary and animated flick in receipt of a development grant are Fabrizio Maltese’s An Accidental Collector (€60,000, produced by Joli Rideau Media), and Blies Brothers and Kim O’Bomsawin’s Ghostdance (€120,000, staged by a-BAHN in co-operation with Canadian partners), respectively.

Moreover, the film body handed out €7,592,010 in production support grants. This time around, Atiq Rahimi’s Les Échelles du Levant is in receipt of the grant of the biggest magnitude (€1,670,000, staged by Red Lion). The project, a Luxembourgish-French-Italian-Lebanese-Turkish co-production, is an adaptation of Amin Maalouf’s novel of the same name, and has been penned by Claire Le Luhern, Catherine Charrier and Ron Senkowski. Three more feature-length fiction films received generous grants accounting for more than €1 million – namely, Federico Milella’s Percy et ses amis – Les quatre saisons (€1,500,000, produced by Fabrique d’Images), Ilmar Raag’s Erik Stoneheart (€1,100,000, produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions in co-operation with Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian and Latvian firms) and Barbara Kronenberg’s Mission Ulja Funk [+leggi anche:
scheda film
(€1,100,000, produced by Samsa Films with German and Polish outfits). Minor grants were awarded to Joseph Mayor and Laurent Moyse’s documentary Crise et Chuchotements (€165,000, produced by Rishon Films), Romed Wyder’s fiction feature Une Histoire Provisoire (€834,254, staged by Amour Fou Luxembourg in co-operation with Swiss partners) and Romain de Saint-Blanquat’s fiction feature La Morsure (€776,866, produced by domestic outfit Tarantula Luxembourg and other firms from Belgium and France).

Finally, one VR project and two short fiction films were backed by the agency: Marie Amachoukeli’s Hypno (€150,000, produced by Bidibul Productions and French partners), Gil Pinheiro’s Who Will Separate Us (€145,890, staged by Equinox Productions) and Frédérique Buck’s You Kai (€150,000, a Paul Thiltges Distributions presentation), respectively.

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