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NEW HORIZONS 2019 Polish Days / Premi

La 9° edizione dei Polish Days al New Horizons premia i talenti locali


- I nuovi progetti di Jagoda Szelc e Leszek Dawid sono tra i vincitori, mentre i talenti emergenti sono stati premiati durante il New Horizons Studio+

La 9° edizione dei Polish Days al New Horizons premia i talenti locali
Il regista Jagoda Szelc (© Sonia Szostak)

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The ninth edition of the Polish Days held during the 19th New Horizons International Film Festival (25 July - 3 August), in Wrocław, concluded with the announcement of the award winners by head of industry Weronika Czołnowska and the festival’s artistic director Marcin Pieńkowski.

Starting with the projects in development, The Delicate Balance of Terror by Jagoda Szelc (director of Monument [+leggi anche:
scheda film
in 2018) was the recipient of the ColorOffOn Film Post-Production Award. The project is an “ecological thriller” where a group of friends, who spend their time in a forest cabin, decides to embrace the rather challenging experiment of living through the night and sleeping in the morning. When the initial entertaining games begin to reveal their dark reality, things soon take a far more serious turn. Produced by Łukasz Długołęcki for NUR, the film aims to enter into production next year and the prize will cover 50% of the post-production expenses (excluding VFX) up to the value of PLN 30,000 (€7,000).

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The Polish Film Institute scholarship for the EAVE 2020 Producers Workshop was given to Natalia Grzegorzek for presenting in one-on-one meetings Julia Marcell’s feature debut Skull Echo. Grzegorzek, president of the management board and main producer of the Warsaw-based production house Koskino, has also presented in the main event Let It Be by Łukasz Grzegorzek (A Coach’s Daughter [+leggi anche:
scheda film
). The PFI will cover 30,000 PLN (€7,000) for the winner to attend the workshop.

Finally, in the works in progress section, Leszek Dawid’s Broad Peak, which was in development last year, received the inaugural Screen International Award. Based on the real story of a group of Polish mountaineers who, in 2013, reached the top of the second highest mountain in the Karakoram mountain range, the film focuses on both the struggles and the love that brought together Maciej Berbeka and his wife Ewa. Budgeted at almost €4 million, the film is produced by Maciej Rzączyński, Dawid Janicki, Krzysztof Rzączyński, Paweł Rymarz of the East Studio. The ambitious project will wrap shooting next year and is slated for a 2021 release.

Just before the Polish Days, the tenth New Horizons Studio+ took place (27-30 July), in partnership with Creative Europe Desk Poland. After a series of workshops and lectures, the 20 emerging talents (10 from Poland and 10 from Denmark, Austria, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia) pitched their projects to an international jury. The two main awards were given to How is Katia? by Christina Tynkevych, who won the New Horizons Association / London Film Academy Main Award; and to Horia, directed by Ana-Maria Comănescu, which received the Ale kino+ Television Channel Award. The Quiet Migration by Malene Choi Jensen received a Special Mention.

Here is the complete list of winners at the ninth Polish Days and the tenth New Horizons Studio+:

ColorOffOn Film Post-Production Award
The Delicate Balance of Terror – Jagoda Szelc
Producer: Łukasz Długołęcki (NUR)

Polish Film Institute Scholarship for the EAVE 2020 Producers Workshop
Natalia Grzegorzek (Koskino) for Skull Echo – Julia Marcell

Screen International WIP Award
Broad Peak – Leszek Dawid
Producers: Maciej Rzączyński, Dawid Janicki, Krzysztof Rzączyński, Paweł Rymarz (East Studio)

New Horizons Studio+

New Horizons Association / London Film Academy Award
How is Katia? – Christina Tynkevych (Ukraine)
Producer: Olha Matat

Ale kino+ Television Channel Award
Horia – Ana-Maria Comănescu (Romania)
Producer: Carla Fotea

Special Mention
The Quiet Migration – Malene Choi Jensen (Denmark)
Producer: Maria Møller Kjeldgaard

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