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E' ora di partecipare al Cineuropa/Filminute Five-Minute Challenge 2019


- Lasciati coinvolgere e vota per il miglior cortometraggio di un minuto

E' ora di partecipare al Cineuropa/Filminute Five-Minute Challenge 2019

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It was all very well and good when Albert Einstein said that “…time is an illusion”, but when you’ve got a busy day, things to do and people to see, then time seems all too real indeed. Thankfully, what’s not an illusion is the Cineuropa/Filminute Five-Minute Challenge, in which we ask the readers of Cineuropa to take a mere five minutes of their day to watch five European short films which all last no longer than 60 seconds.

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This year’s selection of films all show the skill and artistry that it takes to pack ideas into an extremely short running time as well as providing a poignant commentary on the state of the world today. So take five less minutes to eat your sandwich or finish that report a bit earlier, and indulge in watching five mini-masterpieces from across Europe.

After you’ve watched them, choose your favourite by sending an email to, with the name of your chosen film in the subject line. The short with the most votes will receive the Cineuropa Audience Award as part of Filminute 2019.

You can see all 25 films that are taking part in Filminute 2019 by clicking here. Don’t forget to watch, rate, vote, comment and share!

This year’s selection, eligible for the Cineuropa Audience Award, consists of:

Human Portraits - Camille - Nora Jaccaud (France/UK)

I Am Not Afraid - Merick & Gohu (France)

Life Goes On - Henry K Norvalls (Norway)

Searching - Manuel Martín Merino (Spain)

The Tenants - Regős Ábel (Hungary)

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