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IFFR 2020 IFFR Pro

IFFR Pro annuncia i suoi vincitori durante il 37° CineMart


- L'Eurimages Co-production Development Award è andato all'argentino Infanta di Natalia Garagiola

IFFR Pro annuncia i suoi vincitori durante il 37° CineMart
Alcuni dei vincitori di IFFR Pro 2020

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Traditionally, International Film Festival Rotterdam’s CineMart concludes with the IFFR Pro awards ceremony (this year held on 29 January). As the 37th edition of the yearly co-production market came to a close, the jury handed out six different IFFR Pro awards to the most promising projects. New this year were the Splendor Omnia Award and the IFFR Pro Young Network Award.

“This edition of IFFR Pro proved that bringing together talent and ideas, and those who can support them, remains a very important thing to do,” Marit van den Elshout, head of IFFR Pro, mentioned during the event. “Cinema and the stories we aim to bring to fruition are relevant and have meaning. I am very proud of this year's edition and look forward to tweaking our endeavours in the future to both create and reflect change.”

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The winner of the Eurimages Co-production Development Award, worth €20,000, was Natalia Garagiola, the director of Infanta. The Argentinian feature, produced by Rei Cine, elicited a great deal of praise from the jury: “The winning project promises to be an intense drama, with a starting point rooted in real historical events. It is also a reflection on the power of collective delusion and the societal norms that make this possible. After a first film set in an exclusively masculine and contemporary world, this plunge into an all-female universe will be a fitting follow-up. With a strong directorial vision and an evident complicity between producer and director, the jury is pleased to award the Eurimages Co-production Development Award to Infanta.” One condition for this award is that the film should be a European co-production.

The Filmmore Post-production Award, which is presented by visual effects and post-production lab Filmmore, went to the South African project A Shadow Creeps in Silver Trees by John Trengove. Both BoostNL and CineMart projects were eligible for the prize, which comes with a financial sum of €7,500. The jury, made up of Ilse Hughan, Annamaria Lodato and Anton Scholten, mentioned in their statement that they were intrigued by the psychodrama about being white. “White people have for a long time dominated the world and are used to looking at the world from their point of view. But the world is predominantly not white. This story is about white people who hide beyond the walls of a gated community, only to find out that the danger doesn’t come from the outside, but from within.”

The ArteKino International Prize awards the producer of the best CineMart or BoostNL project in order to support its financial development. This year, the winner was microFILM from Romania, which will receive €6,000 towards the production of Radu Jude’s Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn [+leggi anche:
intervista: Radu Jude
scheda film
. “This is a very original and convincing project by a director who has already created an important body of work made up of diverse and captivating films. The producer is experienced and competent, and their partnership is very solid. The project questions the meaning of intimacy in the age of the internet, and deals with the impact of exposure on the articulation between individuals and our current society,” as the three-headed jury wrote. The Wouter Barendrecht Award, which goes to a director under the age of 35 with a maximum of three films on their CV, went to Sara Ishaq for The Station, which is being produced by Nadia Eliewat for Screen Project (Yemen/Jordan). Jury members Ellis Driessen and Nelleke Driessen called it a topical, appealing and accessible project, thus making it worthy of the €5,000 that come with the prize.

Two new trophies were handed out this year. Firstly, the Splendor Omnia Award, which is worth €9,500 in post-production services at Splendor Omnia Postproduction Studios in Tepoztlán, Mexico. Iván Granovsky’s Celosos hombres blancos, produced by Frutacine and O som e a Fúria (Argentina/Portugal), is the lucky project taking home the prize. Jury members Rémi Bonhomme, Didar Domehri, Susan Newman-Baudais and Dorien van de Pas praised it for its originality. The second new award is the IFFR Pro Young Network Award. The winner, taking home €2,500, was Electric Sleep by Zeynep Dadak, produced by Fenafilm and unafilm (Turkey/Germany). The aim of the prize is to give young people a chance to have a say on which projects they would like to see made. The jury was formed by Noah Bos, Celine Yuchao Feng, Tsania Hisbaron, Jildou Loskamp, Sonia Shvets and Borah Spoorenberg.

Here is the full list of winners:

Eurimages Co-production Development Award
Infanta - Natalia Garagiola
Producer: Rei Cine (Argentina)

Filmmore Post-production Award
A Shadow Creeps in Silver Trees - John Trengove
Producer: Urucu Media (South Africa)

ArteKino International Prize
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn [+leggi anche:
intervista: Radu Jude
scheda film
- Radu Jude
Producer: microFILM (Romania)

Wouter Barendrecht Award
The Station - Sara Ishaq
Producer: Screen Project (Yemen/Jordan)

Splendor Omnia Award
Celosos hombres blancos - Iván Granovsky
Producers: Frutacine (Argentina), O som e a Fúria (Portugal)

IFFR Pro Young Network Award
Electric Sleep - Zeynep Dadak
Producers: Fenafilm (Turkey), unafilm (Germany)

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