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La revolución de las musas pronto a iniziare


- Il nuovo progetto dei giovani Juno Álvarez, Yaiza de Lamo, María Lorente e Mariona Vázquez nasce da un impegno preso durante il Future Frames dell'EFP

La revolución de las musas pronto a iniziare
Le registe Juno Álvarez, Yaiza de Lamo, María Lorente e Mariona Vázquez

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Young Spanish filmmakers Yaiza de Lamo, Juno Álvarez, María Lorente and Mariona Vázquez met while doing a Master's Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Making at UAB (Barcelona), then made their documentary short film DIYSEX and took part in the Future Frames programme, which is devoted to finding emerging European cinema talents still studying. The programme is organised by EFP (European Film Promotion) in collaboration with the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. In the light of their promising first steps in the industry (read our interview about their debut film), the creative team will join forces again in their first feature film project, an experimental documentary entitled The Revolution of Muses.

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The project was born of an agreement reached between the four filmmakers and Italian-Spanish producer Carlo D’Ursi, who also took part in EFP’s Producers on the Move programme and will support the project with his company Potenza Producciones. This successful outcome further strengthens the role of promotion and networking programmes of this kind in the current context of the cinema industry.

The documentary will explore the role of sex workers as muses in the history of art as well as the total lack of recognition for all they have provided and given up to artists. In the words of María Lorente, “you look back in time and you realise that sex work is everywhere. Presumably in the places that make our country ours. Where art lives. An artist is a national symbol. Nevertheless, us, the naked ones, the muses, the precarious ones, the ones everyone consumes one way or another, we are rarely mentioned.” The filmmakers will experiment visually, splashing a documentary touch and combining fiction, animation and documentary formats. The starting point is a young girl who must face the challenge of finding out the names of the five women in Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

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