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A Bulgarian Ship Is Sinking in post-produzione


- La produzione Gala Film è un raro film bulgaro per bambini

A Bulgarian Ship Is Sinking in post-produzione

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Bulgarian director Petrinel Gochev is currently in post-production on A Bulgarian Ship Is Sinking, a children’s film about a boy facing hardship when his father leaves. The film is produced by Gala Film, with Galina Toneva and Kiril Kirilov serving as producers. Bulgarian production companies Magic Shop and Maxim 15 are co-producing.

The screenplay, written by Gergana Zmiicharova and Gochev, follows Petyo (Alen Angelov), a 7-year-old boy who looks forward to the start of the new school year, when his mother lies to him that his father has gone abroad. Petyo is sent to his grandfather’s (Mihail Mutafov), in the countryside, where he finds a best friend in the person of 6-year-old Filip (Hristian Manolov), with whom the protagonist will face a gang of older boys but, also, the truth.

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The film’s budget amounts to €280,000, approximately €200,000 coming from the Bulgarian National Film Centre. The film was shot over 20 days last summer in Sofia, two small villages near the Bulgarian capital, and in Kara Dere, a region on the country’s seaside. The film’s DoP is Rumen Vasilev. Stanislava Nikolova, Gergana Zmiicharova, Dimo Dimov and Diman Angelov play supporting characters.

Screenwriter-actress Gergana Zmiicharova tells Cineuropa that the film’s title comes from a line of Filip, “A Bulgarian ship is sinking in a stormy sea”. “He said this in a game, when the two boys were pretending to be pirates and Petyo said that his father was the captain of a Bulgarian ship... I chose this title because it is an illustration of the mixture between reality and imagination in a kid's head. It is how children function in this big, scary world - if you say something, then it must be true,” Zmiicharova explains.

Director Petrinel Gochev says that perhaps his film has a sad core, but its message is positive: “It is a story about friendship, about love, about growing up and, above all, about honesty! The main question the film asks the audience is: Which is better, a lie that saves you from some pain, or a painful truth? Growing up is about facing the truth. We, the adults, think kids are just kids. They can't understand the truth, so let's hide it from them. We hope our film will tell adults that we can't save children from pain by hiding the painful truth! And we can help them overcome that pain by sharing it with them.”

A Bulgarian Ship Is Sinking should wrap post-production at the end of the year, with a domestic release expected for 2021.

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