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Il DOK Leipzig annuncia le giurie e la line-up della competizione tedesca


- Molti dei 17 film in selezione, 12 dei quali in anteprima mondiale al DOK Leipzig, guardano al mondo oltre i confini della Germania

Il DOK Leipzig annuncia le giurie e la line-up della competizione tedesca
Lift Like a Girl di Mayye Zayed

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DOK Leipzig has announced the juries and the line-ups of the German Competitions for Long and Short Documentary and Animated Film set to be featured at its hybrid, 63rd edition (26 October-1 November). Of the 17 short and feature-length films in the two competitive sections, 12 will be having their world premieres at Leipzig, one its European and four their German premieres. In both competitions, the gender ratio of the directors is evenly balanced.

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“For the programme of the German Competitions, we’ve been able to draw on a variety of themes and perspectives on the world. Most of all, the range of cinematic styles is highly gratifying; it demonstrates the artistic possibilities of today’s documentary filmmaking. Young talent eager to experiment encounters established artists in the competitions,” festival director Christoph Terhechte says about the selection. “It doesn’t stop at taking a close look at Germany. A far-sighted, cross-border vision of the world testifies to an intense curiosity about international locations and local stories outside of Germany. Some of the films are profoundly exploratory, some are panoramas of vast landscapes, some are strong portraits and explorations of family ties, and a few are simply hilarious."

The seven titles in the German Competition for Long Documentary and Animated Film are: Mayye Zayed's Lift Like a Girl [+leggi anche:
scheda film
(Denmark/Egypt/Germany), Andreas Voigt's Borderland (Germany/Poland), Hanna Schweier's 80,000 Schnitzels (Germany), Carsten Rau's Nuclear Forever (Germany), Daniel Kötter's Rift Finfinnee (Ethiopia/Germany), Martina Priessner's The Guardian (Germany), and Bettina Ellerkamp and Jörg Heitmann's We Wanted to Kill All Nasty Ones (Germany).

The jury for this section consists of editor Bettina Böhler (Germany), actress Anne Ratte-Polle (Germany), and director of the Afrikamera film festival in Berlin and founder of the Ouaga Film Lab in Burkina Faso, Alex Moussa Sawadogo (Germany/Burkina Faso).

The jury of the International Competition for Long Documentary and Animated Film comprises artist Alfredo Jaar (Chile), cultural producer Koyo Kouoh (Cameroon), director Volker Koepp (Germany), filmmaker and visual artist Fernanda Pessoa (Brazil), and film scholar and critic B Ruby Rich (USA).

With the exception of the jury for the new “Golden Section” competitions, which consists of film fans who have applied to DOK Leipzig specifically to be on the jury, all jurors will view the films online and discuss what they’ve seen with their colleagues in virtual spaces. A total of ten juries will select the award-winning films. The list of all prizes and juries can be found here.

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