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Film Fund Luxembourg annuncia i beneficiari del suo ultimo round di finanziamento


- L'ente cinematografico del Paese ha stanziato oltre 13 milioni di euro per il sostegno a 29 nuove produzioni audiovisive

Film Fund Luxembourg annuncia i beneficiari del suo ultimo round di finanziamento
La regista Marie Kreutzer, il cui film Corsage ha ricevuto 1,5 milioni di euro di sostegno (© Wolf Silveri)

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Film Fund Luxembourg’s selection committee has announced the recipients of its latest round of funding. On this occasion, the public body has earmarked a total of €13,174,566 to be invested in 29 new productions.

In detail, €439,500 have been allotted to the development of 13 new projects. The beneficiaries of this slate of funding are Loïc Tanson’s Läif a seil (€30,000, produced by Samsa Film), Eric Lamhène and Rae Lyn Lee’s Mir géint d'Welt (€30,000, produced by Samsa Film), Yuki Kawamura’s Ama (€30,000, produced by Les Films Fauves), Eileen Byrne’s Marianengraben (€30,000, produced by Samsa Film), and Sarah Hirtt’s Cyclopes (€30,000, produced by Samsa Film) in the fiction features category, while Thierry Schiel’s Quantrics (€30,000, produced by Iris Productions) and Lena Junker’s Mirabelle (€30,000, produced by Doghouse Films) are the two animated flicks in receipt of support. Development funding was also allocated to one live-action series – namely, Fred Castadot, Maud Carpentier and Christophe Beaujean’s Ghost Society (€30,000, a Wild Fang Films production), alongside four feature-length documentaries. These are Claude Lahr’s Le Cas Norbert Jacques (€60,000, produced by Iris Productions), Christophe Alalof’s Hoyningen (€30,000, staged by Louvigny Media), Grégory GoethalsGrand-duc Henri (€19,500, again produced by Louvigny Media) and Alain Tshinza’s Boxing Stories (€60,000, a Wady Films production). The list of beneficiaries is rounded off by Clément Deneux’s Missing Pictures, a VR work produced by Wild Fang Films (€30,000).

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Meanwhile, a total of €12,735,066 is set to be invested in production bursaries for one live-action series, eight fiction features, one documentary feature, one animated short, one animated documentary series, one animated fiction series, two animated features and one feature-length VR work. The live-action series, Christophe Wagner’s Capitani 2 (produced by Samsa Film and undisclosed Belgian partners) will benefit from a grant of €1.3 million. Next, the eight fiction features backed by the committee are Saskia Diesing’s Lost Transport (€1,159,600, staged by Amour Fou Luxembourg and Dutch and German partners), Alexander “Sander” Burger’s Totem (€1,069,110, produced by Tarantula Luxembourg and Dutch partners), Slobodan Maksimović’s The Beanie (€511,147, staged by Wady Films in co-production with Slovenia and Croatia), Marie Kreutzer’s Corsage (€1.5 million, co-produced by Samsa Film with Austrian, German and French partners), Laura Mora’s Les rois du monde (€200,000, staged by Iris Productions with Colombian and French producers), Milko Lazarov’s The Herd (€200,000, produced by Amour Fou Luxembourg and Bulgarian, German and French firms), Aditya Vikram Sengupta’s Birthmark (€200,000, staged by Les Films Fauves in co-production with India, Denmark and Norway) and Nathan Lotfy’s Bouazizi (€200,000, a Tarantula Luxembourg presentation in co-production with France). Moreover, the two animated features are Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli’s Les contes du Herisson (€1,440,000, produced by Doghouse Films and French partners), and Zaven Najjar’s Allah n’est pas obligé (€1,500,000, staged by Paul Thiltges Distributions with French and Belgian outfits). Finally, the other recipients are Fabrizio Maltese’s documentary feature I fiori persi [+leggi anche:
intervista: Fabrizio Maltese
scheda film
(€129,979, a Joli Rideau Media presentation), Bertrand Mandico’s feature-length VR work Conan, la barbare (€1,150,000, produced by Les Films Fauves and French partners), Olivier Derynck’s animated fiction series Le petit prince et ses amis (€1,265,230, produced by Bidibul Productions and French partners), Laura Nix, Nada Ryiad and Kim Longinotto’s animated documentary series Draw for Change (€790,000, produced by a_BAHN in co-operation with Belgian, French and Dutch firms), and Aurélien Pira’s animated short L’Ogre (€120,000, staged by Zeilt Productions).

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