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SAN SEBASTIAN 2021 New Directors

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di La Roya di Juan Sebastián Mesa


- Questa coproduzione tra Colombia e Francia è il secondo film del regista di Los Nadie e concorre nella sezione New Directors del festival basco

ESCLUSIVA: Il trailer di La Roya di Juan Sebastián Mesa
Juan Daniel Ortiz in La Roya

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Colombian filmmaker Juan Sebastián Mesa is presenting his second feature, The Rust [+leggi anche:
scheda film
, in the New Directors section of the 69th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival, an event it took part in precisely one year ago as a work in progress selected for WIP Latam (see the news). Its lead actors are Juan Daniel Ortíz, Paula Andrea Cano and Laura Gutiérrez.

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Its storyline introduces us to Jorge, a young farmer who lives at the top of a mountain. All those from his generation have emigrated to the city, but he has stayed put to take charge of the coffee plantation that he has inherited from his father, while also taking care of his grandfather and having flings with his cousin Rosa. The town festivities are looming, and he eagerly awaits the moment when he can reunite with Andrea, his ex-girlfriend, whom he hasn’t been able to forget despite all the time and distance. His desire to see her again becomes an obsession, while at the same time, a silent plague descends on the coffee plants.

In the words of Juan Sebastián Mesa himself: "The Rust is not a love story, but rather a tale of a disagreement and numerous defeats: I’m interested in capturing the clash between rural and urban life, seen through the eyes of a person who never left for the city and who is anxiously awaiting his reunion with a now inexistent past. Nostalgia ends up being the feeling that recurs the most throughout the film: a feeling of sorrow because of distance, the absence of those who left, because of what might have been and what will now never be."

Mesa is a graduate in Screenplay and Contemporary Narrative from the University of Antioquia. His first film, Los Nadie (2017), won the Audience Award in the International Film Critics’ Week at the Venice Film Festival. His short film Tierra mojada (from the same year) competed at the Venice, Sundance and Clermont-Ferrand Film Festivals.

The Rust is a production by Colombian outfit Monociclo Cine and France’s Dublin Films.

Check out our exclusive trailer below:

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