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Undici progetti internazionali finalisti a Next Lab 2022


- Tre film, quattro serie e quattro cortometraggi saranno presentati il ​​25 e 26 febbraio a Madrid dopo aver superato una selezione di 20 titoli

Undici progetti internazionali finalisti a Next Lab 2022
Draw-Tablas di Lorenzo Degl’ Innocenti e Xosé Zapata

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This week saw the end of the first stage of the workshop for the second edition of the Next Lab, where the teams behind 20 animation projects delved into how to use various tools to optimise creative and production processes. After six weeks of work, tutorials and master classes with experts, the organisers have revealed the names of the titles taking part in the second stage of the workshop, which is unspooling in Madrid from 21-26 February. Two entire days, the 25th and 26th, will be filled with conferences, pitches for said projects and networking activities.

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Three of the projects are features. The first is Draw-Tablas by Lorenzo Degl’ Innocenti and Xosé Zapata (Spain/Portugal), which asks the following questions: what connects a Spanish chess player to the most famous world champion in the history of chess? General Franco’s dictatorship and the silent strike of Asturian miners to racial repression in the USA and Malcolm X? The Cuban Missile Crisis to a game of chess played in Stockholm in 1962? Meanwhile, El olvido is a family drama overshadowed by the looming spectre of abuse, helmed by Claudia Ruiz (Argentina). Noelia Mª Muíño González’s Viaje al bosque olvidado (Spain) is a film homing in on a girl who lives in a Galician town in the 1990s with her brother, who has Down’s syndrome. One day, a strange old man gifts her with an amulet that whisks her away to the forgotten forest, a place inhabited by magical creatures.

In addition, four series will be pitched, all of which are Spanish: Cretácico 96 by Rafael Carmona, about the adventures of a group of children in the city, which has been deserted for the summer; Onion & Pea by David Tomaselli and Jose M Vilena, which revolves around a boy who leads an almost normal life, as he goes to school, is in love with the most hard-working girl in class and lives… with an onion and a pea dressed up as superheroes; Plock by Javier Bernardino, which portrays the adventures of a young lad who will travel around a world made of floating islands, on each of which he will have to resolve some kind of ludicrous situation; and Animal Drone League, a fantastical story about the importance of team spirit, directed by Christian Garnez, the winner of the DeAPlaneta Entertainment Award.

Finally, four short films are on the menu – namely, 40 Days Without the Sun by João Furia (Brazil), Buscando a Ana by Inés Vecilla (Spain), Lumen by Enric Sant (Spain) and The Elephant I Found Under My Skin by Shaool Levy and Daniel Sweed (Israel).

The jury will decide on which of these deserve to be the two winning projects, and they will subsequently be presented at the dedicated space run by Next Lab at Annecy 2022. Next Lab 2022 is able to rely on the sponsorship of the Community of Madrid (via its Regional Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport), Creative Europe – MEDIA, DeAPlaneta Entertainment, and the State Cultural Industries, Intellectual Property and Cooperation Office of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport. It is organised in partnership with the ICAA, Enisa, Annecy Festival and Weird Market.

Here is the list of finalists:


Draw-Tablas - Lorenzo Degl ́Innocenti and Xosé Zapata (Spain/Portugal)
El Olvido - Claudia Ruiz (Argentina)
Viaje al Bosque Olvidado - Noelia Mª Muíño González (Spain)

Short films

40 Days Without the Sun - João Furia (Brazil)
Buscando a Ana - Inés Vecilla Fernández (Spain)
Lumen - Enric Sant (Spain)
The Elephant I Found Under My Skin - Shaool Levy and Daniel Sweed (Israel)


Animal Drone League - Christian Garnez (Spain)
Cretácico 96 - Rafael Carmona González (Spain)
Onion & Pea - David Tomaselli and Jose M Villena (Spain)
Plock - Javier Bernardino Alonso (Spain)

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