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City Below

City Below

by Christoph Hochhäusler

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In the vortex of power

Review: The City Below

In the vortex of power

Adulterous and chaotic love affair in the cynical behind-the-scenes world of international finance. A German feature unveiled in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes 2010 

Cannes 2010

Interview: Christoph Hochhäusler • Director

Cannes 2010

Interview with German director Christoph Hochhäusler at the Cannes Film Festival 2010. The director talks about his film The City Below, a modern tragedy presented in the Un Certain Regard section. 





international title: The City Below
original title: Unter dir die Stadt
country: Germany
sales agent: The Match Factory
year: 2010
directed by: Christoph Hochhäusler
screenplay: Christoph Hochhäusler, Ulrich Peltzer
cast: Wolfgang Böck, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Corinna Kirchhoff, Nicolette Krebitz, Van-Lam Vissay, Mark Waschke

main awards/selection

Cannes 2010Un Certain regard

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