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The press room at L’Isola del Cinema awards Pif


- The L’Altra Cronaca Award goes to the director of At War with Love: “I draw my films from reality, but the next one won’t be about the mafia”

The press room at L’Isola del Cinema awards Pif
Pif is awarded the L’Altra Cronaca Award at L’Isola del cinema

An award for the bravery and irony with which he portrays the mafia: journalists in the press room at L’Isola del cinema awarded Pierfrancesco Diliberto, stage name Pif, with the L’Altra Cronaca Award last Friday, 14 July, on the stage of the historical film festival that takes place on Tiber Island in Rome. The director of The Mafia Only Kills in Summer [+see also:
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interview: Pierfrancesco Diliberto
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 (EFA 2014 for Best Comedy) and more recently At War with Love [+see also:
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 (in the running for the Groupama Award for Best First and Second Work at this year’s 23rd edition of L’Isola del cinema) received the award from the journalists of the festival’s media partners (including Cineuropa and, among others, Cinemaitaliano, Cinecorriere, Film Tv, Cinematografo, and Mymovies).

The reasons for this were that “At this historic moment in time in which fake news is having such a negative impact on communication, the Press Room at L’Isola del Cinema wanted to give recognition to the work of a director who, starting with the accurate and thorough approach of an investigative journalist, builds his works of fiction without compromising the sense of public awareness that his work can be imbued with”.

Collecting the award before the public screening of At War with Love (the winner of this year’s Young David di Donatello), the director reminded us that the latter is not a film that concerns just Sicily: “I recounted a historical episode that left a mark on the whole of Italy: the alliance between the Americans and the mafia against Nazifascism. The film is set in 1943, but we’re still paying the consequences to this day”. A romantic and spacey comedy, but one that was inspired by real events: “My films are drawn from reality, before I write a screenplay I do a lot of research. Then I take reality and mix it up a bit”. He went on to add: “I’ve promised everyone that my next film won’t be about the mafia. Obviously the first things I wanted to recount were my hometown and my experience. But what makes this job so great is that you can portray the whole world, and that’s what I want to do now”.

(Translated from Italian)

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